Free sex housewife ahamadabad BristolCity county and unitary authority in England United KingdomBristolMottos BristolBristolDensity2Ethnicity6.0 black Growth Growth5 The wider district has the 10thlargest population in England.6 The urban area population of 724000 is the 8thlargest in the UK.Iron Agehill forts and Roman villas were built near the confluence of the rivers Frome and Avon and around the beginning of the 11th century the settlement was known as Brycgstow Old English the place at the bridge. Bristol received a royal charter in 1155 and was historically divided between Gloucestershire and Somerset until 1373 when it became a county of itself. From the 13th to the 18th century Bristol was among the top three English cities after London in tax receipts. Bristol was surpassed by the rapid rise of Birmingham Manchester and Liverpool in the Industrial Revolution.Bristol was a starting place for early voyages of exploration to the New World. On a ship out of Bristol in 1497 John Cabot a Venetian became the first European since t

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